Where I Have Been, Where I am Going

Hello all, and by all I mean the two or three people who stumble across this blog every month or so, but thats besides the point.  I have not been posting regularly, and I have nobody to blame but myself.  Hopefully I can stick to it this time around.

OK now that the tears and such are out of the way, on to what I have been doing.

Imperial Crimson Legion has been growing quite steadily and we are slowly but surly amassing a noob army.  I don’t mind the newer players, as one of our services is to provide training, and it beats the hell out of ship-spinning.

The Alliance is finally starting to buckle down and get some organization, which is awesome.  We have revamped alliance roles system and started looking for a place to consolidate to and call home.  The later of those two is proving to be quite difficult.  We need .3 and below but would really prefer null-sec.  We are hoping once we get to our new home and start bragging to all the alliances care-bears about how easy the isk flows, they will eventually shed their fluff and fur and come to the land where rainbows don’t form.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we start formulating a plan for the move.  Although we are growing, we can not stand on our own two feet in 0.0, the obvious solution was renting.  We got in-touch with Mostly Harmless and struck a deal to rent a system.  600 mil a month for the entire alliance seemed decent.  We rallied our corps and raised the appropriate cash, got in touch with MH and set the move in date.  The move in date comes, no coms.  We wait a week, no coms.  We wait two weeks, no coms.  At this point we gave up.  Quad distributed the donated isk back to the corporations and the dream was dead.  MH is dead to us, and all of pure blind is now considered hostile territory.

Luckily, we don’t give up that easy.  Turns out an alliance from our MOFA defence group (I will make a post later about my relationship with MOFA defense) recently moved to null-sec and we are hoping to work out an arrangement to get a system next to them.  Hopefully that will work out, but only time will tell.

Well, thats all the news I have for now, I will keep you updated(with any luck).


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