The Tale of MOFA and my Credibility

The MOFA Defense Group, you may have heard of it, you may have not.  Basically Its a group of people living in low-sec with an lintel channel that provides a bit more than lintel.  The MOFA region was my first experience low-sec living, way back a couple years ago.  Things were wonderful, always having credible lintel, getting in on some pew here and there, not to mention, people to talk to when ship spinning.  I was actually sitting at the faswabia merz gate when I was promoted to executive status in my corp.

Not to be one to throw a cliche around, but all good things must come to an end, and what an end it came to.  You may be thinking it came to an end for my corporation, or my alliance, that was not the case.  It came to an end for me, and only me.  (Side Note: I need to make it clear that this is not whining, I am simply telling a story of my past.)

About three to four months ago, I hit a wall, and went inactive for roughly 3 weeks.  After my head was clear, my hands got itchy for some ship spinning, so I logged in.  Five minutes after I logged in my email client flashed in the right hand side of my screen.  This was a mail from one of my professors reminding the class that our project was do tomorrow, a project I completely forgot about.  Instinctively, I keep my eve client minimized and bust it out.  When I finally maximize it the chat window for MOFA Defense was gone!  Apparently during the two hours I was AFK one of MOFAs operations were compromised by a security breach.   While I was toiling over a hot compiler,  little did I know the same processor was handling a minimized witch hunt.  From what I got out of it a three week old character said he has never seen me, and was accusing me of being a spy.  When they tried to talk to me, I didn’t respond, apparently they have no concept of AFK.  So they automatically assumed I was a spy.  They took the advice of a month old noob, and kicked me.  Heres the part that gets to me, I was in MOFA defense for over a year, I was In RAG for over a year and a half, and I have never been in any other corporation.

When I finally got a chance to talk to them, apparently the noob “saw me camping a gate with a red.”  Obviously they dont understand the concept of a Mexican standoff.  To this date I am not in MOFA defense. Is my corp, Hell Yeah. Is my Alliance, Hell Yeah. Do I still traipse about MOFA, Hell Yeah. Do I follow their NRDS policy, I’m NBSI so HELL NO!  If they want to get their heads out of their asses I would be glad to come back to MOFA defense, but If I’m not welcome in their group, there is no way in hell I will follow their rules.


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  1. What’s the MOFA region?

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