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MOFA Again

Posted in Uncategorized on April 1, 2010 by yakshamash

I find myself eating my words.  I am now back in MOFA, and we are rallying a move to the constellation.  Our efforts to move to 0.0 have been fruitless, and the alliance was more and more starting to feel like a fancy chartroom.  We have decided to push the entire alliance to move to MOFA and we have made it mandatory for RAG.  The idea is to consolidate, train the noobs, and move upward and onward.  In roughly six months we will be cap-fleet ready, and hopefully moving to null-sec will be in reach.  For now though, MOFA it is…


What I love about eve…

Posted in Fiction, OOC, Uncategorized on January 31, 2010 by yakshamash

This is my entry for the special edition of EVE Blog Banter. The original post is located at:

Reality, a concept we think we grasp, we think we know, we have never experienced. This life we live, these activity’s, our social interactions, they are simply functions of our brain, and our “RL” experience, is as real as any other. Our life, a series of emotions, we consider them real because they invoke the most emotion. What if a world, created solely by our imagination, and our conceptualizations of pixels could invoke the same emotions? This is what I love about eve, the emotion. EVE is a beautiful game, everything about it screams “LOOK AT ME!!” from the get go, and that brings in players. What keeps there interest is when two moths later, “LOOK AT ME!!” changes to “FEEL ME!!”. You feel everything, real risk, real reward, real community. There are days where you hate the game, but thats hate surrounded by love, because you love the fact tat pixels and logic can move you to a primal feeling of hate. This is what I love about eve, I hate it, I love it, I am frustrated with it, It relaxes me. Our reality is a series of emotions, EVE is a series of emotions, which is real, who is right, why am I telling you this, this is a game, this is my life, they are equally real……………..


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War is upon us… Cant reveal much… Its time to fuck up some can flippers!