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War is upon us… Cant reveal much… Its time to fuck up some can flippers!


[OOC] Happenings

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Some awsome things have been happening lately, and some not so awesome.
On the not so awesome side finals week is underway, and for a computer science student that means a week of zero sleep, many, many pots of coffee, and finger nails that are much shorter than usual.
Enough on that, time for some awesome!  First of all I just got a new position in my Corp(Royal Assassins Guild), Executive Mercenery Operations Officer, so now i’m right under my CEO! Second, I finally broke down and bought my dream mission ship, the apocalipse navy issue, my first faction ship and it’s everything I ever wanted. Last but not least I am now an official eve blogger! I just got the notice from CK and it’s really cool to see this URL in his posts on my Jesus phone via Capsuleer.
Well that’s about all for now, more after this week of hell is over, part 1.2 should be coming out soon.  Now all I need to do is figure out how a 5 stage pipeline effects the CPI of a single core processer, assuming no data hazards have occured…